base militaire américaine en afrique

Il s’agit d’une base de drones, dont la seule construction va coûter 100 millions de dollars. Cette «spécificité française» est l’un des aspects de la politique mise en place lors de l’indépendance de l’Afrique en 1960. La seule base militaire permanente américaine sur le continent est à Djibouti. The 2018 map also notes the existence of a CSL in Chad’s capital N’Djamena, a site where the U.S. began flying drones earlier this decade; it’s also the headquarters of a Special Operations Command and Control Element, an elite battalion-level command. Get to know Ramstein Air Base: Northside Post Office (Postal Service Center) More Videos. Okinawa prefecture constitutes 0.6% of Japan's land surface, yet as of 2006, 75% of all USFJ bases were located on Okinawa, and U.S. military bases occupied 18% of the main island. In just the past five years, it has established what is perhaps the largest drone complex in the world in Djibouti — Chabelley — which is involved in wars on two continents, Yemen, and Somalia.” Moore also noted that the U.S. is building an even larger drone base in Agadez, Niger. Africa Command’s posture plan is designed to secure strategic access to key locations on a continent characterized by vast distances and limited infrastructure,” Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, the AFRICOM commander, told the House Armed Services Committee earlier this year, though he didn’t provide specifics on the number of bases. Somalia’s neighbor, Kenya, boasts four U.S. bases. AFRICOM did not respond to multiple requests to interview Waldhauser. USA Jobs. All U.S. military facilities in Somalia, by virtue of being contingency locations, are unnamed on AFRICOM’s 2018 map. How many covert wars, miscarriages of justice, and dystopian technologies would remain hidden if our reporters weren’t on the beat? Leadership. That drone base, located at Nigerien Air Base 201, not only boasts a $100 million construction price tag but, with operating expenses, is estimated to cost U.S. taxpayers more than a quarter-billion dollars by 2024 when the 10-year agreement for its use ends. extrait de ‘face a l’actualite’ du 6 septembre 2016 sur afrique media In May, responding to questions about measures taken after the October 2017 ambush in Niger, Waldhauser spoke of fortifying the U.S. presence on the continent. “This location is very important to us because it helps mitigate the time and space on the continent the size of Africa,” said AFRICOM commander Waldhauser while visiting the Senegalese capital earlier this year. If locations on Teil’s map are accurate, one of the Somali sites is located in this latter region. Les talibans saluent la réduction de la présence militaire américaine. Chabelley Airfield has gone on to serve as an integral base for missions in Somalia and Yemen as well as the drone war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Documents obtained from AFRICOM by The Intercept, via the Freedom of Information Act, however, offer a unique window onto the sprawling network of U.S. military outposts in Africa, including previously undisclosed or unconfirmed sites in hotspots like Libya, Niger, and Somalia. What if we were to actually use the life of Christ as a basis for Christmas? According to Adam Moore, an assistant professor of geography at the University of California, Los Angeles and an expert on the U.S. military’s presence in Africa, “It is getting harder for the U.S. military to plausibly claim that it has a ‘light footprint’ in Africa. United States Fleet Activities Yokosuka (横須賀海軍施設, Yokosuka kaigunshisetsu) or Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka (司令官艦隊活動横須賀, Shirei-kan kantai katsudō Yokosuka) is a United States Navy base in Yokosuka, Japan.Its mission is to maintain and operate base facilities for the logistic, recreational, administrative support and service of the U.S. 1:31. Consider what the world of media would look like without The Intercept. Officially, a CSL is neither “a U.S. facility or base.” It is, according to the military, “simply a location that, when needed and with the permission of the partner country, can be used by U.S. personnel to support a wide range of contingencies.” The sheer dimensions, cost, and importance of Agadez seems to suggest otherwise. Les États-Unis changent de stratégie en Afrique. “So we have beefed up a lot of things posture-wise with regard to these forces.” This firepower includes drones. “Judging by its size and the infrastructure investments to date, Agadez more resembles massive bases that the military created in Iraq and Afghanistan than a small, unobtrusive, ‘lily pad,’” says Moore. La présence militaire américaine en Afrique est bien plus importante que ne l'affirme le Pentagone. NAF Jobs . 2:32. “[W]e fly there, it’s not a secret, but we are very respectful to the Tunisians’ desires in terms of, you know, how we support them and the fact that we have [a] low profile…”. La Russie a récemment dépêché des avions de chasse en Libye pour soutenir des mercenaires au sol, combattant aux côtés du maréchal Khalifa Haftar dans le conflit qui déchire le pays, a accusé mardi l'armée américaine. Niamey, the country’s capital, is the location of Air Base 101, a longtime U.S. drone outpost attached to Diori Hamani International Airport; the site of a Special Operations Advanced Operations Base; and the West Africa node for AFRICOM’s contractor-provided personnel recovery and casualty evacuation services. Exercise Rapid Falcon. “Our posture network allows forward staging of forces to provide operational flexibility and timely response to crises involving U. S. personnel or interests without creating the optic that U. S. Africa Command is militarizing Africa.”. I Sued Blackwater for the Massacre of Iraqi Civilians. To its north, CSL Entebbe in Uganda has long been an important air base for American forces in Africa, serving as a hub for surveillance aircraft. License Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed) Show more Show less. Le Commandement des Opérations Spéciales pour l’Afrique est un démembrement du Commandement Américain pour l’Afrique (AFRICOM). Air Forces Africa alone, the command’s air component, has recently completed or is currently working on nearly 30 construction projects across four countries in Africa. Previously, Kismayo has been identified as a key outpost, while the declassified 2015 AFRICOM posture plan names proposed CLs in Baidoa, Bosaaso, and the capital, Mogadishu, as well as Berbera in the self-declared state of Somaliland. “U.S. While it was left behind from power politics for the last decades, Africa is at the core of a renewed attention from global powers. There is local opposition in Okinawa to the construction of a new base; more than 76 per cent of the population having expressed their opposition to a relocation in Henoko. Candice Tresch, a Pentagon spokesperson, told The Intercept. C’est un commandement unifié pour l'Afrique créé par le département de la défense des États-Unis en 2007 et opérationnel depuis 2008. Jump to navigation Jump to search. EEB3 et Ste-Marie-La-Sagesse de Schaerbeek, Lycée Hornu Colfontaine et Collège de Kain, Athénée Royal Baudouin Ier de Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, L’armée américaine dispose de 34 sites en Afrique. Le Pentagone a annoncé mercredi 12 février un premier ajustement de ses forces dans la région avec le … Trump Just Pardoned Those Convicted Killers. The Intercept is a First Look Media Company. Snowden and Assange Deserve Pardons. While troops and outposts periodically come and go from the continent, and some locations used by commandos conducting sensitive missions are likely kept under wraps, Teil’s map represents the most current and complete accounting available and indicates the areas of the continent of greatest concern to Africa Command. RDC : (Vidéo) Moïse Katumbi face à un report des élections... Classement 2017 des armées en Afrique selon Global Fire Power, RDC : L'Angola déploie son armée sur la frontière congolaise. The Pentagon has also told The Intercept that troop reductions in Africa will be modest and phased-in over several years and that no outposts are expected to close as a result of the personnel cuts. Another unidentified contingency location in Chad could be a CL in Faya Largeau, which was mentioned in AFRICOM’s 2015 posture plan. These regions, not surprisingly, have also seen numerous U.S. drone attacks and low-profile commando raids in recent years. En 1939, la France compte cinq bases en Indochine (départ en 1956). Le Commandement des États-Unis pour l’Afrique (United States Africa Command ou AFRICOM) est un commandement unifié pour l’Afrique créé par le Département de la Défense des États-Unis en 2007 et entré en fonction en 2008. AFRICOM’s 2015 posture plan also mentions contingency locations at Lakipia, the site of a Kenyan Air Force base, and another Kenyan airfield at Wajir that was upgraded and expanded by the U.S. Navy earlier in this decade. In fact, U.S. base construction in Africa is booming. U.S. bases in Germany. En Afrique de l’Ouest, les Etats-Unis comptent un site à Dakar, deux à Bamako et un escadron de coopération au Ghana. Get to know Ramstein Air Base: Northside Post Office (Finance-Customer Service) 2:08. Les bases aeriennes militaires en france. expert on the U.S. military’s presence in Africa, personnel recovery and casualty evacuation services, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, Special Operations Command and Control Element. One U.S. serviceman and two contractors with the U.S. Department of Defense were killed in the fighting, according to a statement issued late Sunday by the U.S. Africa Command, or Africom. In 2017, Amnesty International, the London-based research firm Forensic Architecture, and The Intercept exposed illegal imprisonment, torture, and killings by Cameroonian troops at Salak. A CSL can also be found in Accra, Ghana, and another CSL is located on a small compound at Captain Andalla Cissé Air Base in Dakar, Senegal. On Christmas, America Celebrates the Birth of Reverse Jesus. Joining is simple and doesn’t need to cost a lot: You can become a sustaining member for as little as $3 or $5 a month. In an 8 to 1 decision, the Court upheld a lower court's ruling that struck down an award of US $5 million to a slain soldier's father, Albert Snyder. En Afrique du Nord, leur présence est plus discrète : trois sites non dévoilés en Libye … CHRONIQUE DE KEMI SEBA SUR LES BASES MILITAIRES EN AFRIQUE. The other CSL, in the remote smuggling hub of Agadez, is set to become the premier U.S. military outpost in West Africa. Il coordonne … La présence militaire américaine en Afrique est bien plus importante que ce que le Pentagone prétend, selon des documents dévoilés, le 3 décembre, par le magazine américain The Intercept. La France devra payer pour l'aide militaire américaine en Afrique. filme par eode-tv a bruxelles pour le multiplex avec afrique media. Since 2002, the base has expanded from 88 acres to nearly 600 acres and spun off a satellite outpost — a cooperative security location 10 kilometers to the southwest, where drone operations in the country were relocated in 2013. Le Pentagone, le ministère américain de la Défense, a confirmé la construction en cours, au Niger, d'une base aérienne devant servir à déployer des drones. “You know, flying intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance drones out of Tunisia has been taking place for quite some time,” said Waldhauser, the AFRICOM commander, last year. Air Forces Africa spokesperson Auburn Davis told The Intercept that the Air Force recently completed 21 construction projects in Kenya, Tunisia, Niger and Djibouti and currently has seven others underway in Niger and Djibouti. En 1935, neuf bases aériennes sont considérées comme les principales de cette nouvelle arme : celles de Chartres, de Metz, de Nancy, de Le Bourget, de Reims, de Pau, de Tours, de Châteauroux et de Lyon. La compétition stratégique en Afrique : approches militaires américaine, chinoise et russe Focus stratégique, No. Approches militaires américaine, chinoise et russe », Focus stratégique, n° 91, Ifri, août 2019. Il s’agit de 14 bases principales et 20 camps, avant-postes. C’est un commandement unifié pour l'Afrique créé par le Département de la Défense des États-Unis en 2007 et opérationnel depuis 2008. Teil’s map shows a cluster of three unnamed and previously unreported contingency locations near the Libyan coastline. Al-Shabab, based in neighboring Somalia, claimed responsibility for the assault. Les Américains disposent par ailleurs de pas moins de cinq sites militaires en Somalie, de quatre bases au Kenya, d’un site essentiellement consacré à la surveillance à Entebbe (Ouganda), de trois sites au Cameroun, dont une base de drones à Garoua, de deux sites au Tchad et d’un escadron pour la coopération militaire au Gabon. “The U.S. footprint on the African continent has grown markedly over the last decade to promote U.S. security interests on the continent,” Navy Cmdr. While the five bases in Niger anchor the west of the continent, the five U.S. outposts in Somalia are tops in the east. Press freedom advocates must be careful not to indulge Trump’s conspiracy theories while they lobby for whistleblower pardons. RDCongo: FEC: le bras de fer Tshisekedi-Kabila continue, Centrafrique: la quatrième ville du pays reprise aux rebelles, selon l'ONU, Le franc CFA, toujours bien vivant, un an après l'annonce de sa disparition, Dans la forêt vierge gabonaise, sur la piste des virus émergents, Force navale impressionnante au large de la Somalie avant le retrait américain, Crise politique en RDC: la police à l'intérieur du Parlement après de nouvelles violences (vidéos), Crise politique en RDC: incidents dans l'enceinte du Parlement à Kinshasa (vidéos), Washington rétablit le statut commercial préférentiel de Kinshasa. Les Etats-Unis détiennent au total 34 sites militaires en Afrique, selon le magazine d’investigation. Il coordonne toutes les activités militaires et … Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is … Trump’s pardon of the Blackwater mercenaries who murdered 14 Iraqi civilians at Nisour Square shows the world what justice means in the United States. After months of reports that the Defense Department was considering a major drawdown of Special Operations forces in Africa as well as the closure of military outposts in Tunisia, Cameroon, Libya and Kenya, the Pentagon now says that less than 10 percent of 7,200 forces assigned to AFRICOM will be withdrawn over several years and no bases will close as a result. For instance, this is how Waldhauser described a low-profile drone outpost in Tunisia last year: “And it’s not our base, it’s the Tunisians’ base.” On a visit to a U.S. facility in Senegal this summer, the AFRICOM chief took pains to emphasize that the U.S. had no intension of establishing a permanent base there. Last year, U.S. troops carried out an exercise there to test their ability to turn the Libreville CSL into a forward command post to facilitate an influx of a large number of forces.

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