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Where to Watch Season 1, Episode 9 It is set outside the main story. However, it was Dr. Fargo's best friend who imprisoned him. 106 Days remaining until the Astraeus Mission Launch. I'll Be Seeing You. Zane and Jo begin reconnecting, while Beverly covertly returns to Eureka by implanting Allison with a control device. Dr. Taggart tries to catch his super-smart dog. Below is a complete Eureka episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Meanwhile, freak weather events escalate, and Carter's attention is redirected to investigating. Meanwhile, Fargo has trouble coping with being director of GD. Every good sci-fi show needs a Groundhog Day episode, and Eureka delivers with this one. From the TV Ontario Eureka science video series - French version. He finds Fargo's broken glasses, and assumes he is dead. However, these were supervised and controlled. Carter must undergo the bi-annual Department of Defense re-certification test. The fifth season of Eureka premiered on April 16, 2012 on the cable network Syfy in the United States. Jo struggles to find him innocent. A mutant form of the parasitic bacteria starts attacking Eureka' residents. Scientists compete to be in the crew. Tess is collecting memories for a time capsule. Jo finds Zoe but instead of chastising her, she joins in the fun, drinking too much as she sings and flirts with Fargo. Allison learns that Fargo is the director of GD, and she is the medical director. She plugs Carter into the simulation to replace his avatar just as its about to kill Zane. There, he finds a file hidden in a safe which he gives to Andy. Subscribe to listen on the go! They relentlessly pursue their primary function to construct ship parts from. On August 17, 2010, Syfy announced that there would be a fifth season. Margaret Dunlap, Nina Fiore & John Herrera. Henry enters the water filtration and air conditioning tunnels beneath Eureka to investigate. Zane restarts the computer matrix mainframe that created the virtual Eureka in the hope of recovering some of the corrupted data. Holly and the evil clones are disabled and kept in storage. Carter, while fearing losing Zoe, inspects her device. Upon opening the first episode, I … In trying to solve the problems, the peptide is put into Eureka's air and Eureka's male residents are affected. Eureka becomes super-saturated with oxygen. Henry, Allison, Beverly and Kevin are trapped in a bunker beneath GD. Vote Up … While in space, Fargo and Zane talk about Jo. Jo and Taggart arrive at SARAH later and realize that something is wrong. An unlikely culprit is revealed, along with an unlikely savior of the day, and a small moment of comfort for Jo. Episode 1: Eureka. His return coincides with an attack on Eureka by a computer virus. Fargo, who was previously held hostage by his car's Artificial Intelligence system (Tabitha), arrives on the scene to tell Alison that the device that everyone has been building is a Boson Cloud Exciter, a catcher's mitt for a faster than light space jump. GD gives Lexi, "Invis-Apparel" which hides her twin pregnancy. The grid is shut down and all those who are affected fall into a coma. A power surge from the device puts Allison in peril. Carter's sister, Lexi, arrives. Grace returns when anonymous information about Senator Wen is given to federal authorities in exchange for Grace's freedom. Allison discovers Holly using the body-printer. Carter and Jo are part of the neurologist's neural network. Season: OR . Using a heat protective gel from Fargo and Vincent, Carter and Zane approach the heat and steam of the cloud farm. Eureka loses its power supply. Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for. This episode was televised as a holiday special. Taggart's "Santaology" technology is sabotaged so that Eureka may shrink to nothing. Jack realizes that the person responsible for the disappearance of the crew is Senator Wen, who is Beverly's superior. Fargo is chased away. His research into inter-dimensional travel created a temporary door into the "Fifth Dimension". Stark arrives to help as does a hologram of Henry. The Astraeus Mission launches in 91 days. Carter and the GD scientists resolve the problem. Fargo confronts the fake Jo and forces her to confess. On Allison and Stark's wedding day, Carter is trapped in a time loop. 4159 have watched this episode Fargo must make the terrible choice of leaving the machine running and trying to save Holly or shutting it down to stop it from destroying Carter's mind. The return of Henry's ship brings with it a surprise: his former love, Kim, a creation of the ship's organic computer, is on board. 9. "Crossing Over" was the fifth episode of the fourth season of Eureka, airing on the Syfy Channel on 6 August 2010. Holly finally reveals that she isn't there to find a pretext to shut down Eureka, but rather that the town is to receive funds for the planning of a voyage to Titan using the new FTL drive. Zane, in a drunken state, crashes an expensive prototype in front of General Mansfield. However, Holly manipulates PANOP and a systemwide error causes Shaw to activate a "Level 6 Polymorphic Antivirus Purge" which would delete Holly forever. Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanischen Mysteryserie Eureka – Die geheime Stadt, sortiert nach der US-amerikanischen Erstausstrahlung. Jo's uncertain relationship with Zane also begins to overheat as the two work together trying to save the town. The returning rockets may combust the oxygen. The series first aired on July 18, 2006. As Allison and Jack change a flat tire, the creature attacks them. Henry does not want to install the new device, so Jo is called in to give the deciding vote. Season 1 Episode 1: A car accident detours U.S. Season 2 Episode 6: A toxic waste spill appears to trigger an epidemic of shared dreaming in Eureka. Jack investigates the deaths of scientists who have drowned in unusual circumstances following Allison's baby shower. Episode List. In the biosphere, Carter and Allison find Bob who is "de-evolving" into a reptile along with ten other people who have lived in the lab over the past eleven years. The Astraeus Mission is to launch in 115 days. Carter takes Allison on a romantic honeymoon that is not to her taste at the former sheriff's forest cabin. Holly uses a laser in GD to write a message. The "evil clones" work to recapture the Astraeus crew. Season 1 Episode 10: Something has affected the townsfolk and Carter must figure out what before things get out of hand. Watch Eureka episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. Fargo appears before the Technology Appropriations Committee, headed by Senator Wen, one of the Consortium members Beverly has mentioned in the past. The sleepy Pacific Northwest town of Eureka is hiding a mysterious secret. Jo and Carter find a gutted bear, and bag a claw they find in its stomach. Zoe visits Eureka before her graduation. As Fargo makes a distraction, Carter shoots Taggart. Deacon finds a slight power shortage in the ship so the launch countdown must be postponed. Henry solves the problem by pumping his asthma medicine into the air. Carter suspects foul play but his investigations are being hampered. Stark finds a cure which helps save Fargo. When they return, SARAH is the head of GD, and has an army of replica Andys are her security force. The force field fails and Fargo is resuscitated. Rate. Zane finds the message and shows it to Allison. Error: please try again. Zane finds that the computer matrix has located Holly. ... Rate. Season 2 Episode 4: After receiving a blow to the head, Carter appears to be living in a parallel universe; one in which the inhabitants of Eureka are disappearing one-by-one. At GD, Martha releases other drones. The additional draw on the system's processing power causes it to overheat, putting the town in danger. Eureka season 4 episode guide on Zwischen 2006 und 2012 entstanden in fünf Staffeln 77 Episoden mit einer Länge von jeweils etwa 42 Minuten. Fargo faces the same end. In the woods, Jo and Carter search for the creature. Henry and Allison are trying to shut down the device. Following its accidental launch the Astraeus returns to Eureka and the crew discovers four years have elapsed in an instant. Fargo, Lucas, and Big Ed "The Cleaner" Fowler (a bowling champion), prepare for a bi-annual bowling competition against Toby Bismark and his team from. The new system flags Allison's behaviour as a security risk. The people of Eureka are suffering an epidemic of shared dreaming. Season 2 Episode 7: Fargo’s grandfather wakes from a fifty-year cryogenic sleep with no recall of the events leading up to his mysterious disappearance all those years ago. In addition to the regularly televised episodes, there is a short webisode series called "Hide and Seek", which is available on Syfy's Eureka homepage. At home, Jo tells Zoe she cannot go out but Zoe does sneak out to perform at Café Diem. Meanwhile, Jo and Zane are finally freed and renew their relationship. Created by Andrew Cosby, Jaime Paglia. The Eureka residents believe the device is responsible for the incapacitation of the scientists but Carter and Zane Donovan, a clever yet antisocial young man find the truth. Season 2 Episode 1: A series of sudden deaths, in which the victims spontaneously combust, has the residents of Eureka entertaining all manner of bizarre theories. Carter and Allison appeal their relationship audit and are surprised when they're given the same auditor. The people of Eureka finish the generators and they create a torrent of blue energy that shoots up into the sky. Strange things begin to occur. Allison arrives and greets Tess warmly as they are college friends. The following evening, the teenagers arrive again at the generators and are halted by the GD security men. [31] The season concluded on July 16, 2012. Jack allows Eva Thorne to leave. Eureka is an American science fiction television series that premiered on Syfy on July 18, 2006. Five unfinished plasma generators made out of scrap objects from all over Eureka appear in the woods. Carter, Taggert and Stark work to access the bunker. Three people die. Season 2 Episode 8: An experiment that will recreate the first moments of the origins of the universe - the "big bang" - goes terribly awry leaving the fate of Eureka in the hands of an antisocial uber-genius. The rival did steal his work. The Secretary of Defense calls Fargo to tell him they've sold Eureka. His best friend was in love with his fiancée. When night falls, all the teenagers of Eureka arrive and start working on the generators. Objects in Eureka start exploding. "All That Glitters... A Night at Global Dynamics" (Part 2). Error: please try again. The team discover a doomsday weapon (a type of bomb) in an abandoned military complex. Season 1 Episode 11: S.A.R.A.H, the SMART house, takes things into her own hands. Beverly apprehends Senator Wen and sends her into the simulation, trapping her in a virtual version of the Sheriff's office. Later, at Café Diem, Carter finds Drechmeyer who claims ghosts are present. Zane tells Fargo that Holly may still be alive within the program. In an attempt to gain a similar early start at MIT, he creates a device meant to stabilize the Earth's magnetic field should the approach of Nemesis one day destabilize it. When Jack takes Zoe back to college, they pass themselves five years in the past as they first come to Eureka, mirroring a similar scene in the pilot. The trail eventually leads back to an attempt to extract the data stored in Kim 2.0's cells and the unusual properties of synthetic water. Kevin turns Jack and the others into Anime so they can defeat the snow monster. When Carter interrupts the work, he and Grant are trapped in the past. Stark tells Carter the information about the creature is classified. Carter and Allison reach a compromise over their honeymoon. Colin Ferguson as Jack Carter (12/12 episodes) Salli Richardson-Whitfield as Allison Blake (12/12 episodes) Joe Morton as Henry Deacon (12/12 episodes) Jordan Hinson as … Jo asks Zane to marry her and he accepts. Blake and Deacon fit in as a nurse and mechanic respectively. Andy replaces Lupo. Henry delivers a memorial service for Holly, but Fargo is more interested in seeing her on the Matrix. Henry agrees. Carter and Jo investigate a noise complaint, when Carter is hit in the head by a Scientist's device for monitoring electrons, causing him a mild concussion. He says the creature is the ". When the return of Eureka's star pupil causes problems all over town, Stark is forced to make a hard choice. Holly is using the printer to create clones that will replace the residents of Eureka. The Matrix program, having corrupted Holly and Andy, implants the NPC personalities of Jo, Carter and Henry into body-printed duplicates. Zane is arrested for tampering with the evidence files. Jo, who has passed the test with a perfect score, fills in for Carter and looks after Zoe. Cloned chicken meat is incapacitating the minds of Eureka's scientists. I said why not and proceeded to get all of its 50 episodes. An experiment with a cloud of smart-dust disrupts communications in Eureka and threatens human brain functions. Carter takes the teenagers (including Zoe) to the GD infirmary. In the wake of Henry's decision to leave Eureka, SARAH traps Carter, Henry, Allison, Beverly, Fargo and Nathan in order to protect the town from what she feels is a great danger, the increasing discord among residents and the end of Eureka, beginning with Henry's departure. Season four included the first crossover event with the Syfy series Warehouse 13. They attempt to disconnect Carter from the mainframe by force, killing him. The first episode aired in Japan on April 17, 2005, and the final episode … Episode Info Prev: 5x13 -- Just Another Day (Jul/16/2012) Wormholes randomly materialize around Eureka as the Department of Defense is set to shut the town down in the series finale. The control room drops into a bunker 1 mile (1.6 km) beneath GD. Season 2 Episode 13: Global Dynamics is on biohazard alert after a flesh-eating bacterium permeates the facility. Jo decides to have the devices installed and is the first one scanned for identification. Efforts are made to rescue Zane and Fargo from space after the accidental launch of what was supposed to be an unmanned mission to test a new FTL drive. He thinks that the readings on his new energy-measuring device indicate the presence of ghosts. Henry is made Mayor of Eureka. At GD, Taggart appears human but is behaving like the creature. On August 8, 2011, it was announced that season 5 will be the final season; it was later announced that the network has ordered an additional episode for season 5 to wrap up the series. Senator Wen logs Beverly out from the computer system so she cannot save Carter from the simulation, then Senator Wen and a large group of soldiers storm Henry's garage. Stark was at risk but is saved when the connection is found. The student's device is interacting with the GD electromagnetic shield forming a strong magnet. Carter, Lupo and Fargo are arrested by the military of 1947 for spying. As weather patterns worsen and hurricane conditions form, everyone must give their all in what becomes a perilous exercise in applied physics. Zane ejects everyone but Carter from the simulation, who is logged in from elsewhere. Martha attacks Eva and Larry. The town is changed to an animation of multiple styles and cartoonish effects. Following a solar eclipse, some Eureka residents spontaneously combust. Eva Thorne sacrifices her only chance to be cured to save Zoe. It then resumes by draining power from Fargo himself. Henry stabilises Jo's DNA. Jo and Zane become stuck together. Allison has shot the creature and has it in a, Fargo, tired and bruised, stumbles into the Sheriff's office. Henry finds Beverly in a cell in Stark's lab and sets her free. When Allison becomes director of GD, the computer reboots. Suddenly, objects in the café fly about. Kevin, Zoey, and Jenna opened a gift early called "Holotown", a "create your own story" book using holograms. Communication experiments in the FTL have caused the bugs to malfunction. A cloned chicken meat cure is found for the scientists. An unfortunate shortcut Zane took in his work results in the failure of all of Eureka's electronics, impeding the rescue effort. is the 49th episode of Ranma ½ Nettohen. Within the simulation, the crew unload biological experiments from Astraeus. Eureka Seven is an anime series created and produced by Bones and directed by Tomoki Kyoda. The first nine episodes were shown in the US summer of 2010. Carter and Zoe become tangled in a web of strange occurrences that lead to Carter's disappearance and the possibility that he may never reappear. However, Beverly's team and the crew are gone. Meanwhile, Abby comes to understand Zoe is a part of a good community in Eureka, and decides not to take her away. At the end of the episode, everyone gathers for a Christmas dinner at the Smart House. They find a nesting dragon. Zoe has interfered with a fellow student's project for the high school science fair, a magnetic array, as revenge for the student ruining her own. The dreaming is fatal as it causes a compound to build up in the person's spinal cord. The episodes in the first season were not aired in the order intended by the show's creators. Radiation from the strange material is being released into the town. The mainframe searches for the members of Senator Wen's neural experiment. At the end of the episode an alien object is detected heading for Eureka. Eureka's infrastructure is also collapsing, apparently due to a new DOD project. Beverly and the Consortium try to return Grant to 1947 using the powercell from the stolen DED device to power their own space-time bridge forming device. They begin to realise that the visions are here to help them overcome something emotionally holding them back: some are confronted, while others find resolution. They wonder if they are dead but Tess thinks they have crossed into another dimension. Episode Recap Eureka on Carter and Andy go on a mission to find the part but are apprehended. The Astraeus Mission to Titan launches in 140 days. Fargo grieves for Holly. At the conclusion of the episode, Henry erases Carter's memories of the alternate timeline, but chooses to retain his own memories (and festering anger at Carter). … The Astreaus Mission launches in five hours. At 45 days to the launch of the Astraeus Mission, the candidates undergo final interviews, sharing memories of pivotal moments in their lives with the selection committee. Season 2 Episode 11: A prehistoric spore, that when inhaled renders men sexually irresistible, threatens to wreak havoc in Eureka. Deacon determines they were transported by a space-time bridge that was created by a device built by, Deacon works on the space-time bridge device to reset the timeline but further anomalies occur. Season 2 Episode 9: An abandoned research project on invisibility returns to haunt Eureka. Fargo leaves Eureka for the airport to find Holly. On February 16, 2012 Syfy … One month has passed. The following is a list of episodes for the American science fiction drama Eureka.In addition to the regularly televised episodes, there is a short webisode series called "Hide and Seek", which is available on Syfy's Eureka homepage.. Lexi hides her pregnancy from him. Season 2 Episode 5: Space debris threatens Eureka's existence after it accumulates into a large cloud. Henry is in a self-imposed exile, having taken much of the blame for the loss of the Astraeus, and is no longer mayor, whilst Jack has raised Allison's children and is, to Allisons horror, now dating Jo. A scientist who is also caught in the loop is killed when he tries to fix it. Season: OR . [27] On August 8, 2011, it was announced that season 5 was to be the final season;[28] it was later announced that the network had ordered an additional episode for season 5 to wrap up the series. At the end of the episode, the Astraeus crew is announced and Jo reveals that she withdrew her name after her interview, much to Zane's bewilderment. Taggart and Fargo hunt the creature. Raynes develops a rapport with, The town's residents are acting strangely and in line with their. Beverly has Zane log her on to the system. The fifth and final season ended on July 16, 2012. Fargo becomes trapped under rubble from an affected building. He finally escapes by letting the mysterious light take him and Zoe. Season 4 guide for Eureka TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. At GD, machines malfunction due to the presence of the Astraeus crew. When the population of Eureka has shrunk to just himself and Zoe, Carter realizes he is trapped in the device. While celebrating the anniversary of the town's founding, Carter, Lupo, Blake, Deacon, and Fargo inadvertently travel to the year 1947, when Eureka was a secret military base. She has forgotten everything since arriving in Eureka. Then, Taggart roars. Andy, being a robot, considers the chances of fixing the problem low and declines to help but inspired by Carter's bravery, he decides to go ahead. Many Happy Returns. Henry reconstructs the interface and downloads Holly into SARAH's computer. Photos from the individual Eureka episodes are listed along with the Eureka episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. When they arrive, they find the ship and the simulator. They disable Eureka's electromagnetic shield in order to be free. The sun is burning a special hydrogen that a mayoral candidate has released into the clouds to create campaigning advertisements. Allison wants to put in a new security measure that requires a DNA scan to access various places within GD. Season 1 Episode 3: Carter shoots Henry, but can't remember how or why -- but the visit of a noted scientist might hold a clue. Larry added the remote control in order to impress Eva but Martha rebelled against it. Stark is given the opportunity to investigate the Artifact and test it with Kim's help. Season 2 Episode 12: Beverly Barlowe (Debrah Farentino) returns to town just as a parasitic bacterium threatens to destroy Eureka. The following is a list of episodes of the American science fiction television drama Eureka.Seventy-seven episodes were aired over five seasons. Allison prepares to shoot down the incoming ship (the origin of the signal) until Fargo arrives. The episodes of the first season were not aired in the order intended by the show's creators, resulting in … Carter and Zane find the device and fire it into the artificial sun which dies. When Stark's device is turned off, Carter and Jo are cured. He is to take away the matrix. Down but not out yet, Ranma makes plans to defeat Happosai and recover the chart he needs to undo the Strength-Sapping Moxibustion. However, the explosion causes the simulation to collapse with the crew inside. A wave of colour crashes over Eureka. Watch full episodes of Eureka and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at The series ran for a total of fifty episodes, as well as a recap special titled "Navigation ray=out", which recaps the first half of the series. [29][30] On February 16, 2012, Syfy announced that the show's fifth and final season would premiere on April 16, 2012. 9. When Jo tells Henry a piece of the security device is missing, he says he is also missing an important piece of equipment. Carter puts on one of Fargo's devices to stop the wormholes. - - - [ Eureka Seven :: Eps: 50 :: Rating: 9.9/10 ] - - - - [ Intro ] - While enduring one of my anime-deprivation periods, I saw Eureka Seven with a high rating. The show is set in the fictional town of Eureka, Oregon (although in the pilot episode Eureka was located in Washington – and the origin of a diamond in the episode "Best In Faux" was shown as Eureka, California). The Astraeus crew are coming to terms with their experiences, but when Allison avoids Jo and makes things awkward, Jack tries to mend fences but finds it difficult to compete against her experiences in a virtual Eureka. On August 17, 2010, Syfy announced that there will be a fifth season. Season 4 was made in two parts and two stand alone Christmas specials. However, the force field's power wanes. When the Department of Defense shuts down Eureka the town is threatened by unstable wormholes. There, they wake with no memory of the generators. A guide listing the titles AND air dates for episodes of the TV series Eureka. 10. Carter attempts to track down Zoe who has run off with the former resident. Thorne calls in a squadron of, Carter and Allison investigate the disappearance of a scientist, Bob Nobb from the biosphere, "Lab 27", a 12,000 acre (4.856 ha) area and 0.5 miles (0.80 km) below GD. This is a Christmas special set outside the main story. It changes in her behaviour, and she uses it to change Andy's. Kevin needs a part for a scanner he is building in the hope of locating the Astraeus. A man dies a mysterious death. itunes. When people start spontaneously dying of electrocution a short time later, Kim 2.0 initially comes under suspicion. A spate of meltings coincides with Taggart's return...and the escape of his genetically engineered brown bats, complicating rescue efforts. Holly deals with her loss of memory, and restarts her relationship with Fargo. However, Grace is protecting Henry as it was Henry's former timeline self who introduced Grace to Beverly. List Of Eureka Episodes. The book crossed signals with the Super Photon Generator. When Carter asks her about it, she denies leaving it there. Inadvertently, she infects Eureka's music system with a digital virus, causing Eureka's residents to start acting out their song lyrics. Soundcloud. When Stark and Allison try to enter Kevin's dream using a dream reading device, the Artifact interferes with the neurologist's dreaming. Henry and Grace's relationship therapy devices malfunction at a party, causing the main characters to see visions of people from their pasts: Jack sees Nathan Stark, Allison sees Tess Fontana, Jo sees the Zane from the previous timeline whilst Fargo sees a 10-year old girl, who he realises is his childhood bully. Eureka episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Dr Thatcher, recover his memory in time to halt a device he has built, a. Carter must find what is drawing it there before disaster strikes. The children introduce villainous Snow Ninjas to the cartoon and they merge to form a snow monster. Henry learns of the accident from zeta waves being emitted from individuals who were connected to Senator Wen's neural network. PANOP is disabled but Shaw takes the photonic computer. Zane takes particular interest in Zoe's welfare, and Jo learns that he and Zoe have become attracted to each other. Rate. When Tiny's compression shield is dropped, the rover explodes. Out on the Wire is the show about making stories, step by step. [5] A second Christmas special aired on December 6, 2011. When an abandoned research project on invisibility is reactivated, Carter disappears. Samples from Titan are scattered over Eureka. Tess hopes her first day in charge of GD will be uneventful. However, the robot is the target of random gravitational anomalies which crush him. It was intended to be Jack's Christmas gift to the children. Eureka is threatened by a parasitic bacterium that turns all metal into gold and then into rust. Holly's mind is downloaded into her bio-printed body but she encounters technical difficulties which could threaten her existence. A neurologist is the originator of the shared dreaming and he has a neural network of fifty people including Carter and Jo. In addition to these episodes, there is a short webisode series called "Hide and Seek", which was available on Syfy's Eureka homepage.. [3][4] James Callis joined the cast as Dr. Trevor Grant, a scientist from 1947. Space Week begins normally with a rocket race to the moon and back. Original airdate: 2005-09-20 On the South Dakota mountains, two brilliant scientists Uniqua and Tasha look for the bones of the legendary Flappasaurus, and while searching, come across two prospectors crusty old Pablo and dusty old Tyrone, and their pack mule, Clementine in search of gold. A gunshot sounds and the screen goes dark. If Dr Johnson, Tess and Carter cannot calibrate the device before it is shut down, they may be trapped forever. A new scientist, Holly Martin, arrives in Eureka. Season 2 Episode 10: Sudden muteness, human bioluminescence and faucets running blood, cause many of Eureka’s citizens to believe that a biblical plague may be upon them.

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